The Columbia department of statistics and Columbia Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy are delighted to invite you to our Spring conference on Multilevel Regression and Post stratification. Big business, public policy and social wellbeing are driven by data, but data is rarely representative of the populations that it needs to represent. Weighting adjustments are useful but limited in the number of things that can be adjusted for. MRP and related regularized techniques appear to be promising, but raise many unanswered questions. Join us for two days of talks, discussions and networking on data design, modelling, computation and generalization to meet some of the challenges of MRP.

More information is available here.

I’m really excited about this conference. Multilevel Regression and Poststratification is such a powerful and useful tool, but as it gets more popular I feel like we should be working harder on visualization, validation and really thinking about what we can and can’t do with it. Our invited speakers cover folks who focus on design to folks who are interested in applied problems to folks who are really thinking about the method. It will be great to have everyone in the same room!

This is the MRP hex sticker. It is based off a Mondrian painting known as Boogie Woogie

In celebration of the upcoming conference the wonderful Mitzi Morris created a hex sticker so you can show your appreciation for MRP on your laptop! We won’t have heaps of swag at the conference because we’re trying to mindful of the environment, but we’ll definitely have these stickers and Stan stickers to give away! I can’t wait!