Bayesian Analysis

Jonah Gabry and I had great fun presenting a 2 day workshop for beginner Bayesians with Stan at StanCon Cambridge. Although the workshop wasn’t recorded, a full write up of our materials and resources is available here.

Multilevel Regression and Poststratification

I run a weekly virtual reading group where we discuss MRP applications and theory, current work and published papers. My co-organizer is Rohan Alexander at the University of Toronto. The time changes based on time zones and current attendee location, but currently we meet at 2pm EST. We welcome any one interested in surveys, non representative data and MRP, regardless of background or skill level. If you’re interested in joining please contact me or Rohan.


I also try to write vignettes on doing Bayesian analysis using Stan and R packages associated with Stan

Kennedy, Lauren A. & Gabry, Jonah (2019). Using Rstanarm to conduct Multilevel Regression and Poststratification. A vignette.

Kennedy, Lauren (in prep) Choosing your Rstanarm prior with prior predictive checks