I completed a PhD at the University of Adelaide in the Psychology department, supervised by Danielle Navarro and Andrew Perfors. I was broadly interested in the juxtaposition between assumptions of statistical tests and the generally understood beliefs of heterogeneity and measurement. I used simulation studies and proposed methodological improvements using Bayesian mixture models to understand this deeper.

I then completed a postdoc at Columbia University, mentored by Professor Andrew Gelman. While there, I worked with the Fragile Families and Poverty Tracker projects to create weights, imputations and all manner of other statistical challenges that come up in surveys. I conducted research in the survey adjustment method multilevel regression and post-stratification.

In 2020 I started a lecturer position in the Econometrics and Business Statistics department at the University of Monash. While here I taught three units; Data Visualisation and Analytics, Wild Caught Data (1/4 taught) and Harnessing Big Data for Business and Society. I continued to conduct research on survey adjustment techniques. During the many months of lockdown, I ran a worldwide reading group with Rohan Alexander (University of Toronto).

In 2023 I will start a position at the School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Adelaide.

How to contact me

Find me at:

Availability for research supervision

I will be available to supervise students at the University of Adelaide from 2023 on topics around survey adjustment and Bayesian statistics. Given my own eclectic background I don’t require particular degree background, but please be aware that my work tends to be heavily reliant on code and simulation. Please reach out to me via email discuss potential projects and supervision.

Availability for consultation/workshops

I am occasionally available to prepare workshops or consultation in Bayesian statistics, survey statistics or other social science based statistics. My rates depend heavily on the nature of the work, potential for academic publications and the mission of the project. Please feel free to reach out to me via email to discuss if you are interested.